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Nov 27th 2009, 14:51

Nov 27th 2009, 14:48

Royal Dizajn Beograd

     Royal Sped is a company from Belgrade which carries out organizing of transport and goods transport in international and domestic traffic, using own vehicles. We also handle other businesses in this area, such as: warehousing of the custom goods, customs representation, distribution of goods from a cummulative transport etc.

     The company incorporates all the countries in Europe with its work. With the quality of our services and correct cooperation we have aquired a very large number of clients, with an ambition to enlarge this cicrcle. In contacts like these, with our international and domestic partners, the possibilities for broadening the cooperation in the area of international trade, mediation and representation, something we increasingly insist on, open.

     If you have the need for this kind of services and this type of cooperation, you are on the right place. By cooperating with us, you will gain honest and correct partner in the future, we believe, successful cooperation.

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